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Sunday 3 April 2016

20 Binder Hacks Just Change Your Life

20 Binder Hacks Just Change Your Life

The humble binder clip was invented, as its name suggests, to bind documents together. With a little creativity, however, the handy little device can do everything from organize your cables to squeeze toothpaste from an almost-empty tube. Read on for some particularly brilliant binder hacks.

Take one small and one large binder clip; fold back the arms of the small clip and bend its head roughly 45 degrees; attach the larger clip close to the head of the smaller one – and, hey presto, you’ve got yourself a smartphone stand.

Attach a line of binder clips to the edge of your desk and thread your power cables through the arms to prevent tangling. For larger plugs simply remove the arm, insert the cable and reattach

Attach a small clip to your charger cable over the plug and remove the arms. Next, attach a large clip around the small binder clip and once again remove the arms. Then stand on its fat end and plug in your phone.

Simply attach a large binder clip over the head of your razor and fold the arms back so that they’re flush with the handle. Those pinkies will be kept safe while rummaging around in your wash bag.

Tired of tying yourself in knots over tangled cables? Simply lift up the cables tidily and hold them in place with a binder clip. As a bonus hack, flip back the arms for a useful carry handle.

Place a binder clip around the wires of your earphones and wind the cable around the arms of the clip. Then thread the headphone jack through the arms to prevent unraveling.

Place your yarn in a bowl and attach a binder clip to its edge. Then thread your yarn through the arms of the clip – and never get in a tangle again.

Attach two large binder clips to the bar of your hanger. Then hang your pants from the clips by the hem at the bottom of the leg to avoid any unsightly creases.

No one likes a washcloth that’s been left to stew in dirty water. So fold it up and attach a binder clip to stand on its end, at which point the bacteria-laden water will drain away.

When you’re done snacking but don’t want leftover potato chips to spoil, a binder clip will come in handy. Roll up the open end of the packet and seal it with a clip. Simple.

First, with the aid of a hair grip, slide all excess toothpaste toward the pointy end of the tube. Then roll up the end until you get to the toothpaste and hold in place with a binder clip.

Simply fold your wad of cash in half and hold together with a binder clip. Why not add a credit card for good measure? You could even loop your car keys to the clip’s arms.
Hang a binder clip to the wall using a drawing pin or picture hook, and grip the top edge of your calendar. So that you have a pen handy, simply slot it through the binder clip arms.

Take one large and one small binder clip. Clamp the latter to the former’s lips. Then press down on the larger one’s arms and the smaller one will be pinged through the air.

Group together eight binder clips, fat side of the wedge out. Next, secure them in place with rubber bands. You will then be able to place pictures between pairs of arms and stand pens in the center.

Take a large binder clip and bend the loops of the arms inwards. Then attach the clip to your dash, or the air vent, and slot your cellphone between the bent arms. Add a rubber band for tension if necessary.

Every budding Gordon Ramsay has lost a thermometer to a pan of boiling goodness. To prevent such a scenario from happening again, simply attach a binder clip to the edge of the pan.

When you’re cycling to work, it’s hard to keep your pants’ legs from flapping in the wind and potentially getting tangled in the chain. Why not hold the excess fabric out of harm’s way with a handy binder clip?

If you’re stacking bottles in the fridge, there’s a danger of your beer pyramid crashing to an ugly demise. Place binder clips between the slats on the shelf to secure it in place.

Grab some empty boxes or crates and arrange them into a configuration of your choice. Hold them together using your trusty binder clips and say hello to a frugal, upcycled shelving unit.


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