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Tuesday 31 May 2016

Osinbajo Arrives New Guinea For 8th African Summit Of African, Carribean States

Vice President Osinbajo has arrived New Guinea ahead of the 8th African Summit of African, Carribean & Pacific Group of States. He was received by Papua New Guinea's Minister for Public Service Hon. Sir Puka Temu, MP, Secretary Department of Foriegn Affairs William Dihm, Chief of Protocol Morea Veratau and Acting Nigerian High Commissioner to Australia Mrs. Cecilia Yahaya. More pics below;


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Who else thinks OSIBANDE.......
Has taken up the HABIT of travels from the SUPER

Nigeria To Begin Exporting Rice From Kebbi State(photos)

Nigeria to begin exporting rice from Kebbi State

The Buhari led administration said Nigerian farmers would begin exporting rice in months.

The statement was made on behalf of the president by the Acting Director, Corporate Communication of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Isaac Okoroafor.

According to Okoroafor, “Out of 6.1 million tons of rice needed to feed Nigerians, Kebbi State farmers alone produced over one million tons.

Okoroafor said the Apex bank is set to increase loans to rice farmers. The farmers in reaction said they are yet to be able to access the funds. In response, Okoroafor stated that “From the N220 billion, we are doing what is called the Anchor Borrower Program. We have just completed a pilot project in Kebbi State on rice and other states like Ebonyi, Taraba and Benue are queuing up.

“The Buhari led administration have realized that when farmers borrow money on their own to plant tomatoes, rice, cassava, and other farm produce, after harvesting, nobody take the produce from them and the market is lean too.

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How To Spot A Fake SD Card (memory Card)

SanDisk Micro SD cards has been around in the mobile spare part market for as far back as two decades and this was due to the originality of their products and its durability. Unfortunately, this particular memory card is the most pirated Micro SD in Nigeria(I trust my Aba Boys) thereby making it hard to get an original SanDisk Micro SD card in most Nigerian smartphone hub because the market has been flooded with the pirated copies. Most Nigerians do not have beforehand knowledge about these things before rushing to computer village to get a memory card for their newly bought phones,mp3 player, card reader e.t.c. Simply because brothers watch out for each other,I am going to highlight how you can easily spot a fake memory card whenever you have the need for one;

*Container/ SD Card label

If the information on the memory card pack is not the same with whats on the memory card itself, simply ask for another one with matching information e.g. if SDXC is boldly printed on the memory card pack and the maker of the memory card itself i.e. the label on the memory card is MicroSDHC, kindly move to the next and to the next until you find one that is original.


When you remove the pack to get the main thing i,e the memory card, an original SanDisk SD Card is protected by a fine cut white paper while the other one does not have any form of protection whatsoever.

*Card Reader

One of my close pals bought a memory card the other day and guess what? The instructions on the memory card reader was written in Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba and the worst part is the fact that the SD Card did not last up to a week before it started misbehaving. What I am saying in essence is, if you notice this kind on inscription on the card readerof the memory card you wanna buy, kindly move to another shop.

*SD Card(rear view)

The front side of an original SanDisk memory card has its serial number written with faded brown and China is boldly wriiten as the manufacturing company. This can be easily confirmed by taking the memory card under a bright light in order to see the almost faded inscriptions.

I hope the next time you are in need of a memory card for any of your gadgets you will put the above points into consideration in order not to fall for the cheap scam of some jobless Nigerians. Kindly like our Facebook and Twitter page for more updates.
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Businesses That Can thrive In Nigeria Despite The Bad Economy

i have always despised working in an office under a boss, reading a book called rich dad, poor dad increased my hatred for working under a boss, in a country like Nigeria theres no job security and if you look at it critically, you are actually working yourself up for your boss and the govt. and you'll have no time for yourself at all. i want to be my own boss and I'm sure i will realize that some days, with the right facilities readily available, heres some businesses that i will venture into and it will survive in Nigeria.

1. livestock farming: theres alot of gains in livestock farming if you know your way around it, am talking of getting a big space(land), and start little, maybe poultry, I'll buy all the breeds, in places with alot of hotels like lagos, portharcourt etc, i will rear broilers and advertise it to major hotels so I'll be supplying them meat, if theres capital I'll add a cold room to process the meat, and during festive periods demand will skyrocket, layers for thier eggs and there's also market for eggs, with time I'll venture into grasscutter farming and fishery, very easy to set up, and you supply bars and as you grow your customer base, you might end up buying a delivery van and it will be a smooth sail from then on.

2. importation of fairly used goods: my dad's friend does this, he brings alot of stuffs and you must have something to buy whenever you visit his exhibition, his imported goods ranges from laptops, phones, bicycles, home theaters, tvs, electrical appliances, household items, office chairs, washing machines, lawn movers, hover boards, even miniature bikes, mountain bikes and the good thing is crowds gather to wait for him whenever they hear he's two hours away, now he brings five or more cars in a truck each time he travels.

3. fashion boutique coupled with fashion designing: be a fashion designer and create unique styles which will make you stand out and you can also display fashion wears in your boutique to advertise your handwork

4. blogging: you just need internet access, a computer and a brain to start this, and choose a niche you know something about and you're good at.

5. hotel and catering services: this is self explanatory, but you need huge capital to start, you can start with a small setup more like a drive through or dinner, and choose a catchy name that stands out not common names like mama nkechi lip licking joint, be neat and create a nice environment, hire friendly workers to leave a remarkable experience on the minds of your customer so they'll come back for more

6. beer parlour: if you arent humble, hardworking with thick skin you cant pull this off because irresponsible people come to beer parlours and their behavior might annoy you so if you have what it takes go for it

7. delivery services: you can partner with major shopping outfits to be thier professional delivery service, outfits like konga, jumia etc.

8. dry cleaning service: dry cleaning is a profit making venture if you choose the right place to open it, i can only think of abuja

there are more of thise businesses but this is all i can think of

Stock Market Lost N1.732tn In One Year Under Buhari - Investment

The Nigerian stock market crashed by N1.732tn within one year of the Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government.

The Nigerian Stock Exchange data showed that the NSE market capitalisation on May 28, 2015 was N11.658tn, while that of May 27, 2016 was N9.926tn.

Market capitalisation is the total market value of the shares outstanding of a publicly traded company.

The NSE All-Share Index also crashed to 28,902.25 basis points from 34,310.37 basis points.

Investors in the country’s capital market (equity category) lost over N1.053tn in the first quarter of 2016.

During the first three months this year, the equities market depreciated by 10.79 per cent.

As of the first day of trading this year (January 4), the NSE market capitalisation stood at N9.757tn, while the All-Share Index was 28,370.32 basis points.

But as of the last day of trading in 2016 Q1 (March 31), the market capitalisation and All-Share Index crashed to N8.704tn and 25,306.22 basis points, respectively.

Equity investors in the country’s capital market had, in the first seven trading days on the floor of the NSE in 2016, lost N804tn of their investment’s worth. Market capitalisation after the close of trading on the floor of the Exchange on the first seven days closed at N8.953tn.

The All-Share Index also dropped from 28,370.32 basis points recoded on the first day of trading in 2016 to 26,034.94 on the seventh trading day of this year.

The downward trend in the Nigerian stock market, weeks into 2016, did not show any sign of abating as the market capitalisation continued to fall, with 10 out of the 12 indices of the NSE recording negative stance 10 weeks into 2016.

The market capitalisation of the NSE fell by N811bn in the first 10 weeks of trading this year.

The NSE market capitalisation dropped from N9.75tn on January 4, 2016 to N8.939tn 10 weeks into the year, while the All-Share Index also closed at 25,988.40 basis points from the 28,643.67 basis points recorded on the first trading day of the year.

Investors had also made huge losses in the Nigerian equities market last year as the market capitalisation (equities only) of the NSE shed a total of N2.354tn between December 2014 and December 2015.

The President, Nigerian Stock Exchange, Mr. Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede, last week, said the country’s capital market could not continue to lag behind in the global arena, adding that it needed to strategise for growth to better the economy.

He said the capital market must facilitate capital raising for economic growth as well as mobilise savings for investment.

Aig-Imoukhuede said part of the strategies was a broad consensus on sectorial priorities for growth, which should feed into policy formation.

He advocated for incentives for priority economic sectors like Information and Communications Technology, while pushing for non-listed national champions to be listed on the NSE for others to follow.

He said, “Nigeria is facing a huge growth challenge. Nigeria, indeed, has a big challenge in terms of growth. Employment rate must grow owing to the fact that the population is also growing very fast. Growth is difficult to realise; so, government must stimulate growth.

“Nigeria is only exaggerating the impacts of falling oil prices now. This is because with a robust financial market the economy can be sustained. The financial market must be encouraged.”

He described the Nigerian financial market as a ‘high-risked’ market, saying the situation was capable of attracting limited investors who could ultimately stop at nothing to maximise returns.

An analyst at WSTC Financial Services Limited, Mr. Tola Oni, said in the last one year, the efficiency of the country’s economy had been constrained by policies – monetary and fiscal.

He noted that the country had not been able to chart the right path in the past one year, saying some actions by the Federal Government in recent times had shown a rethink especially in the partial deregulation of the petroleum downstream sub-sector and the flexible foreign exchange market.

“Our concern is that this flexibility must mean flexibility in the whole sense of it. We’ve seen the capital market make progress recently owing to these. Any attempt by the government to interfere again could drag us back significantly,” he added.

The President, Constance Shareholders Association of Nigeria, Mr. Shehu Mikail, said the happenings in the stock market in the past one year were a reflection of the country’s economic stance, which is very hostile policy-wise

He said the country had been plagued with serious economic and financial challenges, which had resulted in activities being slowed down especially in the financial sphere, which included the NSE.

Mikail added, “The prices can be better if things turn around economically. The 2016 budget had been passed and the implication of the passage would start filtering into the economy in due course. With the recent forex flexibility, we expect the game to change.

To this end, the NSE Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Oscar Onyema, while commenting on the state of the market, had said, “Among emerging markets, recession has materialised in Brazil and Russia, and the trend is likely to continue amid weakening oil and other commodity prices. The Nigerian stock market had already lost $30bn since July 2014.

“In the sub-Saharan Africa, while the recent performance of Nigeria and South Africa, has been lackluster, the overall region has weathered the commodity slump better than Latin America and elsewhere, with growth slated at 4.3 per cent in 2016, up from 3.8 per cent in 2015.”
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80-year-old Woman Gets A Car From Iginla (photos)

The Senior Pastor of Champions Royal Assembly, Kubwa, Abuja, Joshua Iginla, gave a brand new saloon car as a gift to an 80-year-old woman, Madam Christiana Edegi, during his birthday.

The woman who attends the church had once prayed for the pastor and was always in church..

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Michael Babatunde Signs For Qatar SC In $3.2m Deal (photo)

Nigeria's Super Eagles midfielder Michael Babatunde has reportedly joined Qatar SC on a 3 years deal from Raja Casablanca.
Babatunde, 23, who scored 4 goals in 14 appearances for Raja Casablanca, completed a $3.2m move to Qatar SC on Sunday. He is currently on international duty with the Super Eagles.

My Song Carry-first Trends On Twitter

Hello Nairalanders after my single titled Wicked trended weeks back,
I received so many applauds and critics from so many people especially Nairalanders
This made me work so hard, I really thank my twitter and instagram fans that took their time to listen and most especially
criticize my songs which makes them trend on twitter, It made me work more on my self.

And improve.

One of my other song titled Carry First trends yet again on twitter.

Lalasticlala mynd44 i really appreciate you guys work here on nairaland, now i need to know what nairalanders think about this inspirational

Here are the images of the trends on twitter

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New Delta Suicide Squad NDSS Emerges, Issues 7Day Ultimatum To Private Oil Firms

    As the Federal Government moves against the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), militancy in the region has tak­en another dimension as a new group: The New Delta Suicide Squad (NDSS) has emerged.
    Unlike the NDA which con­centrates its attacks on pipelines and facilities of major oil firms, the new group has threatened to destroy the equipment of private oil firms’ installations in the re­gion.
    The announcement of the group came on the heels of Pres­ident Muhammadu Buhari’s threat in a national broadcast to mark his first anniversary in of­fice, to crush the upsurge in mil­itancy in the Niger Delta which has crippled Nigeria’s oil produc­tion.
    The NDSS warned owners of tank farms, storage tanks and private jetties to quit the Niger Delta within seven days.
    It said failure to comply with the deadline, the owners of such facilities stood the risk of losing their investments.
    In a statement issued on Monday by the spokesman of the group, Harry Ebiye, he said: “The New Niger Delta Suicide Squad warns all owners of tank farms, storage tanks and private jetties to quit the region within the next seven days beginning from the date of this publication or risk the destruction of all their facil­ities from the date of the expira­tion of this ultimatum.
    “The exploitation of this re­gion by scavengers, economic pi­rates, and cowboys must come to an end” Ebiye said.
    Top officials of the Federal Gov­ernment are divided over how to handle the current attacks on oil installations in the Niger Delta by militants.
    A meeting with representa­tives of top militants in the region, reportedly organised last week by the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) on how to con­tain the security problems in the Niger Delta, ended in a deadlock.
    One camp had reported­ly broached the idea of using a former South-South governor to reach out to the militants, but shelved the idea when it was real­ised that the former governor did not have the required clout and contacts amongst the militants.
    Another issue being report­edly considered is that of the de­tention for over 70 days, without trial, of Azibaola Roberts, a cous­in of former President Goodluck Jonathan, by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).
    Ironically, Roberts is being held by the EFCC for a $40 mil­lion contract to secure oil pipe­lines during the Jonathan admin­istration. Some security sources hinted on the possibility of the government engaging Roberts to negotiate with the militants cur­rently destroying oil pipelines in the region, since he had successfully handled such projects before on behalf of the government.
    An EFCC source hinted that they did not have sufficient evi­dence to charge Roberts to court, but that having detained him for over 70 days, the commission may be left with no option than to charge him to “any court, just to save face.”

Yaw's Shalanga Show: Olamide Shuts Down Eko Hotel, Threw Jab At Colleagues

Nothing else can be used to describe the huge turnout of guests at Eko Hotel and Suites as popular Nigerian comedian, actor, and presenter Yaw staged the 8th edition of his annual show Shalanga alongside ace comedian, Ayo Makun (AY).

The show was not only star studded but highly attended by fans. Celebrities in attendance include Timaya, Uti Nwanchukwu, comedian Ushbebe, Ali Baba and wife, Ik Ogbonna and wife Sonia, Iyabo Ojo, Ronke Oshodi Oke, Dayo Amusa, Funnybone, Korede Bello, Reekado Banks, Olamide, Don Jazzy, Dr Sid, John Njamah, Solid Star, Harrysong, Burna Boy, Jaywon, Pepenanzi, Dame Abimbola Fashola, Stephanie Linus, Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) among others. Aside from staging a satire that depicts the bad economy of the country, the unnecessary beefs going on in the industry, and celebrity marriages making reference Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz and Omawumi bumped out of a live interview, each music artist took turns to thrill their audience to an amazing stage performance. Killing the music performance for the night was popular YBNL record label boss, Olamide as he was made scheduled to be the last man to perform at the show. The music star thrilled his fans with his hit songs Abule Sowo, Lagos Boys and several others. During his performance, he also gave out his cap to one of his fans as he moved round the hall singing and dancing.

After going back on stage, Olamide decided to indirectly throw jabs at some of his colleagues and some other guests who unnecessarily feel on top the world because they have the opportunity to seat on tables at events. Addressing his colleagues, Olamide disclosed that, they need to start appreciating their fans the more not just by standing on the stage and not moving around especially to the regular section. Olamide also buttressed his point by telling how the servers and security officials need to be well appreciated because they have the power to protect our lives, by making reference to the waitress who has the power to poison our meals. He said this in order for everyone to value and appreciate them not to look down on them because of the nature of their job. The show had lots of media sponsors and partners which include Ifeanyi Mba club, Zenith Bank, Arik Air, God Is Good motors (GIG) and much more.

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Arase Orders Disarmament Of IPOB Members

The Inspector-General of the Nigerian Police, Solomon E. Arase, has ordered the disarmament of members of Independent People of Biafra (IPOB).

This was made known in a statement, Tuesday, signed by ACP Olabisi Kolawole, the Force Public Relation officer.

The IGP further decried killings of police officers by the members of IPOB who yesterday went violent during a protest that oguth to be peaceful in some States in the south east.

The statement read this

Following the manifestation of the disposition of the armed Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) activists to undertake premeditated attacks on Police officers engage in operations aimed at restoring public order in States in the South-East and South-South geopolitical zone of the country, the Inspector-General of Police, IGP Solomon E. Arase, fdc, NPM has directed the Assistant Inspectors General of Police and the Commissioners of Police in the affected area to disarm members of the group operating firearms immediately.

The IGP noted that the targeted attacks on Police personnel, who have been performing their statutory functions in the most professional and civil manner since the latest resurgence disorder, portrays the IPOB activists who are orchestrating the insurrection as having crossed the threshold in their misguided attempt to test the common will of the nation.

IGP Arase, while condemning the killing by members of IPOB, also directed the arrest of any member of the group found in possession of firearm and bring him/her to deserved justice, while all IPOB activists arrested in connection with the killing of the Policemen should be charged to court for murder.

Meanwhile, the Nigeria Police Force will continue to diligently work towards eliminating any threat to internal security and assures Nigerians of its commitment to their safety and security.
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Buhari To Visit Niger Delta This Week.

President Muhammadu Buhari will this week make his first visit as president to Nigeria’s oil-producing south, which has been riven by an upsurge in violence from militants, his office said Tuesday.

Attacks on pipelines and other infrastructure have cut Nigeria’s oil production to some 1.4 million barrels per day, exacerbating revenue shortfalls caused by the global slump in crude prices.

But a media aide to Buhari said the president would travel to Ogoniland in Rivers state to flag off a long-awaited clean-up of the area, which has been affected by oil spills. “All things being equal, the president will be in Ogoniland on Thursday for the historic clean up of the area,” the aide told AFP.

In August 2011, a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report said Ogoniland may require the world’s biggest-ever clean-up. Environmental devastation to farming and fishing in the area has for many come to symbolise the tragedy of Nigeria’s vast but squandered oil wealth.

Decades of crude production filled the pockets of powerful government officials and generated huge profits for oil majors but corruption and spills left the people with nothing. Neglect and pollution fanned local resentment and anger, prompting militant groups to take up arms against the government in the 2000s. Attacks on oil facilities and personnel were frequent.

The violence was ended in 2009 when the government introduced an amnesty programme. But a new group calling itself the Niger Delta Avengers has renewed attacks since the beginning of the year.

Sporadic bombings of key pipelines run by Nigerian subsidiaries of Anglo-Dutch group Shell, US firm Chevron and Italy’s Eni, as well as the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

On Monday evening, the group warned in an email and in a statement on its website that more devastating attacks were to come. “To the international oil companies and indigenous oil companies, it’s going to be bloody this time around,” it said.

Buhari said on Sunday he would keep and “re-engineer” the amnesty, apparently reversing previous policy to wind-down the programme by 2018.

Bankyw Responds To Girl Who Begged Him To Slid Into Her DM

So, two days ago, Bankyw posted on his Instagram, a photo of his married friends – Tunde Demuren,Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and Olamide Adedeji all wearing their wedding bands and wrote, ‘Last Man Standing? #TSquared2016 #GodWillProvide’.
An Instagram user wrote him an open letter asking him to slide into her Direct Message, (DM), so they could talk the possibility of marriage.

Her open letter reads: " So come in here this article is for you. I have a feeling you're dating someone under the radar. If you aren't dating right now then I'll be forced to start worrying about you. I'm tired of seeing you being the best man/grooms man at your friends' weddings.
You are talented, successful, fine and a Christian brother. Are you still looking for celebrity girlfriend? Will you not follow in the footsteps of your buddy@noble_igwe and pick a hardworking, beautiful civilian and live life happily and peacefully ever after?
I hear your sister is in town for the first time in a while, has she come to look for wife for you? Tell her to "whole up"! Let's Try this first: Slide into my DM quickly before it's too late. I'll consider you if you treat me like the gentle man your snaps show you to be
Tick Tock...Tick Tock.... Time waits for no man
#bankyw #whenwillyoumarry #single#livingsingle #itgoesdownintheDM #EME#proffessionalbestman ##nigerianwedding #sundayhumor#sundayhumour #tsquared2016#tsquare."

BankyW, replied 'Lol... Well then.'
The rest of the conversation below

Monday 30 May 2016

Orji Uzor-Kalu's Mega Farm In Abia State To Cost $400m

* Seek Chinese, CBN’s support
From I heanacho Nwosu, Fred Itua
and Aidoghie Paulinus, Abuja

FORMER Abia governor and eminent businessman, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu has revealed plans to set up a 12,000 hectares of farm in the state valued at over $400 million.
Kalu, who disclosed this at the weekend when he visited outgoing Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Gu Xiaojie, said when fully operational, the farm would create millions of jobs for Nigerians and export, in commercial quantity, to other parts of the world.
While thanking the Chinese envoy for establishing strong ties with the Nigerian government and the people, Kalu said as soon as the ongoing drafting of the project plan for the farm is ready, it would be unveiled to the public.
He added that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Chinese Nexim Bank, as well as Sign Ocean company, located in the Southeast country, will be approached to provide financial support for the takeoff of the multi-million project.

Kalu said: “It was good having you here and we hope that other Chinese Ambassadors will work very hard like you. I also hope they will build on the relationship you have established with Nigerian government and the people. I believe the Republic of China and the Federal Republic of Nigeria have a lot to learn from each other.
“We believe the recent visit of President Buhari to China will usher in development in the agricultural, business and other sectors of the economy.
“As you are aware, our company has placed orders for ships worth over $250 million from China companies. We are in discussion with a Chinese company. We have 12,000 hectares of land in Abia State. The drawings are in progress on how to have a modern farm that will have palm oil farm in 5,000 hectares. We will plant maize in 2,000 hectares and other vegetables in 1,000 hectares.
“We are going to have a big poultry and field mills. We are in discussion. Once we are done with the drawings, we will make an ap­plication to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Abia State government and the Chinese Nexim Bank. We will also apply to Sign Ocean Company so that we can work together on the equipment and support needed for the take off of the farm.
“We are hoping this cooperation will be of great importance to Nigeria and China. I do not know the exact net worth of the farm. They are still working on that. But, it should be in the neighborhood of $400 million. It is going to be a huge farm for exports.”
In his response, the outgoing Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Xiaojie, said China and Nigeria have very close contacts and would continue to maintain them. He said efforts were already in place to commence the full imple­mentation of the outcome of President Buhari’s visit to China in April.

He recalled how, during his tenure in Nigeria, the country witnessed a very smooth transition from one government to another.
He further noted that the visit of President Buhari to China was a landmark achievement in the Nigeria-China diplomatic relationship. He said during his tenure as head of the Chinese envoy to Nigeria, both countries witnessed the 45th celebration of the establishment of diplomatic ties.
China, he added, would want to build on the existing ties between the two countries, saying that in his two-year stint in the country, he took out time to visit some states, even as he expressed regret that he could not visit all. He expressed confidence in the future of Nigeria, a country he said, has great potentials.
“Nigeria and Chinese government officials are working closely to commence the implementation of the outcome of the state visit of President Buhari to China. These are in the areas of industry, com­merce, agriculture, health and other sectors of the economy,” he revealed.
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Man Beaten By Police In Adamawa In Coma (Photos)

According to this trending report, a young man identified as Kabiru Ahmed was allegedly brutalized by policemen of Doubeli police station in Jimeta, Adamwa state. The victim who has reportedly been in coma for 2 weeks now -is currently hospitalized at the Federal Medical Center in Yola...

Read below what a Facebook User (Mustapha Atiku Ribadu) shared;

A couple of years I wrote here on how police brutalised our friend named Mallum from Song LG, Mallum died as a result of the manhandling by the police at Galbose hospital here in Jimeta. From the time he was brutalised he had not said a word to anyone till he gave up. May Allah forgive Mallum.

All guys from Song knows him he lived at the house of late Abdulsalam Song, at that time we tried our best to bring the culprits to book I even went to Jos and met Barr Solomon Dalung the present minister of youths, he assisted a big deal, he even came to Yola, though eventually the guardian of late Mallum asked us to abandon the case, we really appreciate the effort of Dalung and some spirited individuals, we also need the assistance of people who hates brutality including the Hon minister too to bring the recent perpetrators of brutality to book.

The recent brutality was perpetrated by policemen from Doubeli police station here in Jimeta. The event happened on the 16th of this month(May).A guy named Kabiru Ahmed a graduate of crime management from state polytechnic Yola was brutalised that day around 10am, from that day up to now the guy is unconscious. According to eyewitness report the guy was sitting with some other young men in front of their house at Zaranda street here in Jimeta, just of a sudden police appeared in mufti and rounded them, Kabiru inquire to know their identity which didn't go down well with the officers .

From there they picked him and rough handled him to the point of unconsciousness, they then used his phone to trace his family at about 1am , failing to get any they took him to specialist hospital unconscious, while at the specialist hospital NLC went on strike, the police the hospital referred him to federal medical centre,Yola (FMC), the police then moved him there still unconscious. As iam writing this the guy is still unconscious at the accident and emergency centre of the hospital.

It's touching as I went to FMC today around 5pm seeing him in that condition, he is been fed through his nose using some small rubber pipes, what a pity.For those of us living in Yola pls visit the guy at FMC and see the result of wickedness from people who are supposed to protect us.I urged all well meaning individuals to come and join hands with us to the culprits to book through legal means, and let us not take the law into our hands but let's not relent until justice is done .

Kabiru is unconscious for two weeks, Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun.

We shouldn't see this case as a case of just Kabiru and his family, tomorrow it maybe you or your brother.Where injustice become the order of the day silence is a CRIME!!!

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Re: Man Beaten By Police In Adamawa In Coma (Photos) by dainformant(m): 9:30am
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Gombe Pensioner Returns Salary Mistakenly Paid Into His Account

It is praises galore for a retired primary school teacher who returned money that was mistakenly paid into his account even though he needed the money so badly.
Read his inspiring story.

Good deeds will always be rewarded if not by man, then by God. An honest school teacher has set a good example for many others to follow after he dutifully returned money that does not belong to him paid into his account even though he needed that money.
Many are surprised as some believe if such money had entered in some other people’s hands they won’t think twice before spending it. Good one honest teacher!


#OneHellOfANiteTour: Chris Brown Announces Wizkid As A Special Guest On Tour

The American singer, Chris Brown, has announced that Wizkid will be a special guest on his "One Hell of a Nite" tour in Denmark, Germand and Holland.

Brown made a post on his Instagram on May 29, 2016, which revealed Wizkid on the cover of the banner.

Diamond Bank Set To Sack Managers - Ebubechukwu Ibecheozor

I reported on May 27th how Diamond Bank sacked over 400 staff on that black morning. I went on to reveal the mode in which this was done.
It seems that hurricane isn't over yet, I can now exclusively reveal that the Bank is set to sack 80 percent of their entire manager cadre. The managers who earn from 1.2 million and above plus entitlements and allowances that outweigh theirs salaries will have to wait and see who survives and who goes. It was revealed that the GM Uzoma Dozie son of Pascal Dozie is willing to promote some junior workers who can also be efficient in those positions. This was said to be in a bid to further cut the wage bill and save the bank.
these are sad times for bankers, we pray for them.

Ebubechukwu EI Ibecheozor
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#Buhari's365Days: Ezekwesili & Adesina On Channels TV - Nigerians React

Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity - Femi Adesina, Former Minister of Education - Oby Ezekwesili, renowned Econominst - Bismarck Rewane and Nigeria’s foremost information and Political Analyst -Babajide Ogunsanwo, were guests on Channels TV on Sunday May 29, to access President Buhari's performance as he completes his first 365 days in office.

Issues raised ranges from economic situation of the nation, unemployment, perceived marginalization in the President’s political appointments, Fulani herdsmen attacks, among others.

Read what the panelists had to say and how Nigerians reacted above

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Re: #Buhari's365Days: Ezekwesili & Adesina On Channels TV - Nigerians React by ebosie11(f): 7:19am
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Re: #Buhari's365Days: Ezekwesili & Adesina On Channels TV - Nigerians React by ebosie11(f): 7:20am

Re: #Buhari's365Days: Ezekwesili & Adesina On Channels TV - Nigerians React by ebosie11(f): 7:22am
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Re: #Buhari's365Days: Ezekwesili & Adesina On Channels TV - Nigerians React by ebosie11(f): 7:24am
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Re: #Buhari's365Days: Ezekwesili & Adesina On Channels TV - Nigerians React by Caseless: 7:26am
Nice one!
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Re: #Buhari's365Days: Ezekwesili & Adesina On Channels TV - Nigerians React by ebosie11(f): 7:26am
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Re: #Buhari's365Days: Ezekwesili & Adesina On Channels TV - Nigerians React by ebosie11(f): 7:27am
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