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Tuesday 31 May 2016

Businesses That Can thrive In Nigeria Despite The Bad Economy

i have always despised working in an office under a boss, reading a book called rich dad, poor dad increased my hatred for working under a boss, in a country like Nigeria theres no job security and if you look at it critically, you are actually working yourself up for your boss and the govt. and you'll have no time for yourself at all. i want to be my own boss and I'm sure i will realize that some days, with the right facilities readily available, heres some businesses that i will venture into and it will survive in Nigeria.

1. livestock farming: theres alot of gains in livestock farming if you know your way around it, am talking of getting a big space(land), and start little, maybe poultry, I'll buy all the breeds, in places with alot of hotels like lagos, portharcourt etc, i will rear broilers and advertise it to major hotels so I'll be supplying them meat, if theres capital I'll add a cold room to process the meat, and during festive periods demand will skyrocket, layers for thier eggs and there's also market for eggs, with time I'll venture into grasscutter farming and fishery, very easy to set up, and you supply bars and as you grow your customer base, you might end up buying a delivery van and it will be a smooth sail from then on.

2. importation of fairly used goods: my dad's friend does this, he brings alot of stuffs and you must have something to buy whenever you visit his exhibition, his imported goods ranges from laptops, phones, bicycles, home theaters, tvs, electrical appliances, household items, office chairs, washing machines, lawn movers, hover boards, even miniature bikes, mountain bikes and the good thing is crowds gather to wait for him whenever they hear he's two hours away, now he brings five or more cars in a truck each time he travels.

3. fashion boutique coupled with fashion designing: be a fashion designer and create unique styles which will make you stand out and you can also display fashion wears in your boutique to advertise your handwork

4. blogging: you just need internet access, a computer and a brain to start this, and choose a niche you know something about and you're good at.

5. hotel and catering services: this is self explanatory, but you need huge capital to start, you can start with a small setup more like a drive through or dinner, and choose a catchy name that stands out not common names like mama nkechi lip licking joint, be neat and create a nice environment, hire friendly workers to leave a remarkable experience on the minds of your customer so they'll come back for more

6. beer parlour: if you arent humble, hardworking with thick skin you cant pull this off because irresponsible people come to beer parlours and their behavior might annoy you so if you have what it takes go for it

7. delivery services: you can partner with major shopping outfits to be thier professional delivery service, outfits like konga, jumia etc.

8. dry cleaning service: dry cleaning is a profit making venture if you choose the right place to open it, i can only think of abuja

there are more of thise businesses but this is all i can think of


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