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Tuesday 31 May 2016

How To Spot A Fake SD Card (memory Card)

SanDisk Micro SD cards has been around in the mobile spare part market for as far back as two decades and this was due to the originality of their products and its durability. Unfortunately, this particular memory card is the most pirated Micro SD in Nigeria(I trust my Aba Boys) thereby making it hard to get an original SanDisk Micro SD card in most Nigerian smartphone hub because the market has been flooded with the pirated copies. Most Nigerians do not have beforehand knowledge about these things before rushing to computer village to get a memory card for their newly bought phones,mp3 player, card reader e.t.c. Simply because brothers watch out for each other,I am going to highlight how you can easily spot a fake memory card whenever you have the need for one;

*Container/ SD Card label

If the information on the memory card pack is not the same with whats on the memory card itself, simply ask for another one with matching information e.g. if SDXC is boldly printed on the memory card pack and the maker of the memory card itself i.e. the label on the memory card is MicroSDHC, kindly move to the next and to the next until you find one that is original.


When you remove the pack to get the main thing i,e the memory card, an original SanDisk SD Card is protected by a fine cut white paper while the other one does not have any form of protection whatsoever.

*Card Reader

One of my close pals bought a memory card the other day and guess what? The instructions on the memory card reader was written in Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba and the worst part is the fact that the SD Card did not last up to a week before it started misbehaving. What I am saying in essence is, if you notice this kind on inscription on the card readerof the memory card you wanna buy, kindly move to another shop.

*SD Card(rear view)

The front side of an original SanDisk memory card has its serial number written with faded brown and China is boldly wriiten as the manufacturing company. This can be easily confirmed by taking the memory card under a bright light in order to see the almost faded inscriptions.

I hope the next time you are in need of a memory card for any of your gadgets you will put the above points into consideration in order not to fall for the cheap scam of some jobless Nigerians. Kindly like our Facebook and Twitter page for more updates.
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