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Monday 20 June 2016

Hijab: Deeper Life Church Backs Use of Christian Garments by Pupils

As controversy continues to trail the introduction of Hajib in schools across Osun State, Deeper Life Bible Church on Sunday said the use of Hijab by Muslim pupils in schools and other forms of intolerance have confirmed that ‘there is great confusion’ and danger in Osun State.
The church went on to lend its support to the action taken by Christian pupils who put on their church and choir garments to replicate the action of the Muslim pupils and students.

It is also likely that the Osun State Hijab controversy would be part of the issues to be mentioned by the General Superintendent of Deeper Life Christian Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi, during its forthcoming crusade with the theme: “Night of Extraordinary Wonders”, scheduled for next week at National Stadium in Abuja.
The Federal Capital Territory Overseer of DLBC, Pastor Joshua Esho, spoke on the Osun State Hijab controversy, during a press briefing on Sunday evening in Abuja to herald the “Night of Extraordinary Wonders” which is expected to host over 100,000 guests.

Zahra Buhari's Celebrates Fathers' Day With A Selfie With Her Dad

It's was a lovely scene, just had to share, God bless the president
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PENGASSAN Threatens To Shut Down Oil Sector In Seven Days

PETROLEUM and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria, PENGASSAN, has threatened to shut the nation’s oil sector over alleged anti-labour practices by employers, handing down a seven day ultimatum to government to call the affected employers to order.

PENGASSAN in a statement weekend warned that it would not hesitate to direct members to withdraw their services and shut down the sector if, after the seven days, employers in the industry failed to end all anti-labour practices in their companies.

Other industrial issues raised by the Association include, the review of the lingering irregular Joint Venture funding and Cash Call payment arrears, lack of a clear cut direction on the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB), and forceful co-option of government agencies in the industry into the Integrated Personnel Payroll Information System (IPPIS).

PENGASSAN in the statement by its National PRO, Emmanuel Ojugbana, said despite agreement reached between the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, employers, and the two trade unions in the industry (PENGASSAN and the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers, NUPENG, some employers still went ahead to sever employment of some workers, including national officers of PENGASSAN.

Ojugbana said, “Despite the agreement that employers should put on hold redundancy in the industry, some managements such as Fugro, Universal Energy, Frontier Services and Petrostuff went ahead to sack many of our members including key union officers and national officer.”

“I want to reiterate our demands that the Federal Government and the concern organisations including H15, IEME Chevron, Universal Energy, Chevron Contracts Tecon and Avion Oil and Fugro should resolve the critical industrial relation issues in their companies; particularly in the recent retrenchment in Fugro and Petrostuff should be reversed.

“Let us state unequivocally that industrial peace in the oil and gas sector will not be guaranteed if these issues, especially the retrenchment in Fugro, are not resolved within seven (7) days effective Monday, June 20, 2016. As a major stakeholder in the oil and gas industry, we are again calling on the NAPIMS to put in place a clear policy statement against frequent redundancy plans by operators under the guise of fluctuating crude oil prices.”

The PENGASSAN spokesman said that apart from the arrears, the current cash call are delayed and even when paid, it is much below approved cash call without consideration of JV commitment including staff salaries.

“The effect of non-payment has led to thousands of job losses across the sectors and non-creation of new jobs against the backdrop of the electoral promises of employment generation by the current government. A stitch in time saves nine,” he said.

Nnamdi Kanu Arrives Court In Handcuffs

Radio Biafra director Nnamdi Kanu has arrived the Federal High Court in Abuja to continue with his trial. The presiding Judge justice John Tsoho arrived exactly at 10:06am. The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leader who is standing trial for treasonable felony -arrived the court in handcuffs accompanied by two other pro-Biafra agitators, Benjamin Madubugwu and David Nwawuisi, who are facing trial with him.


Re: Nnamdi Kanu Arrives Court In Handcuffs. Photos by ChangeIsCostant: 11:07am

Thursday 9 June 2016

2,400-Year-Old Healing Temple dedicated to Asclepius, God of Healing, Excavated in Greece

Asclepius with his serpent-entwined staff, Archaeological Museum of EpidaurusArchaeologists in Greece have excavated an ancient healing temple in the acropolis of Feneos dedicated to Asclepius, god of healing.   Along with the foundations of the sacred temple, researchers also found an enormous statue of Asclepius, and his daughter Hygeia; an elaborate mosaic floor, marble podiums, and offering tables.
International Business Times reports that the 2,400-year-old temple, known as Asclepion (a healing temple dedicated to the god Ascelpius) was first discovered in 1958. However, archaeologists have only recently carried out extensive excavations of the site and have been able to piece together the layout of the site, as well as unearth numerous important artifacts.

Asclepius, the God of Healing

Asclepius, a son of Apollo, was a god of medicine in ancient Greek mythology. We are all familiar with Asclepius in a way, since the symbol that is used for medicine, the snake entwined staff, was the rod of Asclepius. According to mythology, Asclepius was brought up by the mysterious figure of ancient Greek mythology, the centaur Chiron, who raised Asclepius and taught him about the art of medicine. Because Asclepius used his powers to bring people from Hades (meaning resurrecting them), the God of Hades complained to Zeus because Asclepius converted many people from humans to immortals. The result was for Zeus to kill Asclepius with thunder.

Asclepions – Healing Temples dedicated to Asclepius

Asclepions were holy temples for worshiping Asclepius, but at the same time they were the first known hospitals in the history of western civilization. There were approximately 320 Asclepions (hospitals) in Ancient Greece. Disease was considered a result of multiple social, environmental, psychological, spiritual, emotional and physical interactions. As such, physicians took a holistic approach to treatment, which included psychotherapy, massage, herbal remedies, mud and bathing treatments, surgeries and the drinking of water, which were prescribed according to what dreams the patient had experienced – it was believed that dreams recounted a visit by Asclepius, who held the key to curing all illness.
There was even a theatre at the Asklepion, to entertain the patients who would often stay for weeks. All of this was done in the belief that healing was a sacred art and that people’s souls needed to be mended as well as their bodies.

Asclepion at Feneos

The Greek Ministry of Culture has revealed that in the recently excavated Asclepion at Feneos, Corinth, archaeologists found an inscribed pedestal with a very large statue of Asclepius, along with his daughter Hygieia, the goddess of health, cleanliness, and sanitation, which had been carved by famous ancient Greek sculptor Attalus.
Marble relief of Asclepius and his daughter Hygieia. From Therme, Greece, end of the 5th century BC. Istanbul Archaeological Museums.
Marble relief of Asclepius and his daughter Hygieia. From Therme, Greece, end of the 5th century BC. Istanbul Archaeological Museums
“In the centre of the hall there is a mosaic floor with geometric shapes, guilloches and meander,” reports International Business Times. “In a second room, north of the main hall, there was a podium that would have had two bronze statues standing on it. These were later replaced by stone. In front of the podium was a marble offering table. A room to the south was also found, but its function and purpose is unclear – the only marker is a window in the north-eastern end. The excavation also showed how the outdoor courtyard (which had been found previously) was in a 'P' shape and that the path of the peristyle and courtyard led to the entrance to the sanctuary via a ramp. The courtyard was plastered with mortar in a range of colours and lion head gutters.”
An area within the ancient healing temple with fragments from a statue. Greek Ministry of Culture
An area within the ancient healing temple with fragments from a statue. Greek Ministry of Culture
Archaeologists have determined that some parts of the temple were first constructed in the 4th century BC, while the main construction occurred 200 years later. The temple was largely destroyed during an earthquake in the 1st century AD.
Today, thousands of people still travel to ancient Asklepions every year in the hopes of being healed. Tradition says that the ancient therapies based on both psychological and physical treatments were highly successful in restoring health.

Isaac Newton’s Lost Alchemy Recipe Rediscovered

01-alchemy-paper.adapt.1900.1The legendary physicist tried for years to turn lead into gold—and may have used a newly recovered manuscript in his quest.
Combine one part Fiery Dragon, some Doves of Diana, and at least seven Eagles of mercury, and what do you get? A key precursor to the Philosopher’s stone, according to a rediscovered manuscript handwritten by legendary physicist Isaac Newton.
Held in a private collection for decades, the 17th-century document is now in the hands of the Chemical Heritage Foundation, a nonprofit based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The group bought the manuscript in February and is currently working on uploading digital images and transcriptions to an online database so more people can study Newton’s take on the alchemical text.
The recipe cryptically details how to make “sophick mercury,” a substance seen as a main ingredient for the Philosopher’s stone. The stone in turn could supposedly change base metals like lead into precious ones like gold.
While there’s no evidence that Newton actually made sophick mercury, the manuscript will help scholars understand how he interpreted alchemy’s often deeply encoded recipes, says science historianWilliam Newman of Indiana University. The document also underscores the fact that Newton—a father of modern physics and co-discoverer of calculus—was greatly influenced by alchemy and his collaborations with alchemists.
Newton wrote more than one million words about alchemy throughout his life, in the hope of using ancient knowledge to better explain the nature of matter—and possibly strike it rich. But academics have long tiptoed around this connection, since alchemy is usually dismissed as mystical pseudoscience full of fanciful, discredited processes.
Newton’s 1855 biographer questioned “how a mind of such power” could take seriously “the obvious production of a fool and a knave.” And the sophick mercury recipe is only now resurfacing in part because Cambridge University, Newton’s alma mater, turned down the opportunity to archive his alchemy recipes in 1888. The texts were sold at auction in 1936 for a combined total of just over 9,000 British pounds. Many ended up in private hands and out of scholarly reach.
“For many, many years, Newton’s alchemy was considered untouchable,” says Newman. But he and other historians now view alchemists as thoughtful technicians who labored over their equipment and took copious notes, often encoding their recipes with mythological symbols to protect their hard-won knowledge.

Tree of Life

The newly uncovered recipe is no exception: Newton copied the strange text from manuscripts by the American-born George Starkey, a 17th-century alchemist better known under his romantic pen name Eireanus Philalethes (“the peaceful lover of truth”).
As translated by modern scholars, Starkey’s recipe for sophick mercury involves repeatedly distilling mercury and then heating it with gold. This process eventually produces an alloy with delicate, branch-like growths.
Starkey’s notes indicate that the strikingly tree-like structure made him think that the sophick mercury had become animated with life, indicating its power and importance. However, there’s no evidence that Newton correctly decoded Starkey’s recipe, much less succeeded in producing the alchemical “tree.”
The document’s true significance may lie on its back, where Newton scribbled his own procedure for alchemically subliming lead ore—a process that occupied many of his laboratory efforts to make the Philosopher’s stone, says Newman.
The historian adds that the recipe, which Newton obtained years before Starkey officially published it, may offer more evidence of Newton’s collaborations with other alchemists—which likely influenced his work on optics, the physics of light. Alchemical teachings may have inspired Newton’s groundbreaking discovery that white light is a mixture of various colors.
“Alchemists were the first to realize that compounds could be broken down into their constituent parts and then recombined. Newton then applied that to white light, which he deconstructed into constituent colors and then recombined,” says Newman. “That’s something Newton got from alchemy.”
So it may be fair to say that if it hadn’t been for Newton the alchemist, we might not have had some of the most famous discoveries from Newton the scientist.

Hidden Chambers Discovered in King Tutankhamun’s Tomb by Scans

01tuttomb DSC_3173.ngsversion.1458316913173.adapt.1190.3.sqrcrop
Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities announced on Thursday that two previously un-discovered chambers were revealed by scans of King Tutankhamun’s tomb.

In a press conference, the Ministry said that the two chambers, on the North and Eastern walls of the tomb, contain either metal or organic material, as according to scans carried out by Japanese radar specialist Hirokatsu Watanabu.
New scans will be conducted later this month to determine the exact dimensions of the chambers, said the Ministry.
The revelations come months after Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities said there was a 90 percent chance that a  hidden chamber lies behind King Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings.
The latest findings, which lend credence to British archaeologist Nicholas Reeves’ theory that Queen Nefertiti’s tomb is hidden behind that of King Tutankhamun, may lead to “one of the most important finds of the century,” the Minister said in November 2015.
Not only was Nefertiti famous for her beauty, which remains evident through her world-renowned 3,300-year-old painted limestone bust housed at the Egyptian Museum in Berlin, but she was also the Great Royal Wife of the Pharaoh Akhenaten and his chief consort.
Nefertiti’s burial site has long been a mystery as archaeologists have so far failed to find the queen’s tomb.
King Tutankhamun’s tomb was found in 1922 under the supervision of another British archaeologist and Egyptologist, Howard Carter.

Monday 6 June 2016

Senate spells life Jail for culprits of sale, production of fake drugs

By Henry Umoru/ Joseph Erunke ABUJA- THE Senate has disclosed that a total of $72 bn was lost to counterfeiting, just as it set aside Life Imprisonment for Culprits of Sale and Production of Fake Drugs. According to the Senate, it was disturbed by the increasing spate of the production and sale of fake and counterfeit drugs as well as processed foods and the adverse effects on the citizenry. This was disclosed weekend in Abuja at a public hearing organised by the Senate Committee on Health on a new bill, entitled: ‘A Bill for an Act to Amend the Counterfeit and Fake Drugs and Unwholesome Processed Foods.” Speaking at the opening of the public hearing, Senate President Bukola Saraki stressed that once the bill was passed into law, anyone convicted of counterfeiting will be sentenced to life imprisonment and also pay a fine of N2 million. Senator Saraki who noted that beyond life Imprisonment and fines, all assets, investments and property of such convicts aquired through illegal acts of sale and production of counterfeit items would be lost to the federal government. According to him, the ongoing amendment of the Act is meant to strengthen punitive measures against persons involved in such unwholesome practices. Saraki said, “In 2008, thousands of Nigerian children started taking a teething medicine that contains toxic chemicals. By February 2009, over 90 Nigerian babies had died from consuming the mixture. This is despicable and to say the least unacceptable.” According to him, the amendment of the bill would guarantee food security, disease-free-society and simultaneously uphold the required standard for food processing and sale and production of fake drugs. Earlier in his remarks, Chairman, Senate Committee on Health, Senator Lanre Tejuosho who spoke on the adverse effects of fake drugs on the nation’s economy, however recalled how the World Health Organisation (WHO) reported the loss of $32 billion to drug counterfeiting business and another $40 billion in 2006. Tejuosho said “there is need to enact new legislations or amend the weak or already existing ones to see that the lives of citizens of this nation are protected.” He lamented the increasing spate of fake products in Nigerian market, saying, “there are several fake products like fake cosmetics, fake registered appliances, fake spare sparts, fake brushes, fake designer shoes and the list is literally endless. “The effect is far reaching because it is a matter of life and death. Some of the major causes of fake drugs and counterfeiting include corruption, inadequate technology for the protection of the identity of genuine drugs as well as lack of vigilance and advocacy by healthcare providers. Combating this menace requires serious efforts.” According to Tejuosho, about 50 per cent of drugs used by patients were purchased from privately owned pharmacies, patent medicine stores and street vendors which he said are usually invaded by agents of counterfeit drugs unlike the case in the public sector. He also recalled the comment of the late former Director General of National Foods Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Professor Dora Akunyili, that the negative impact of fake drugs on the society is more than that of either narcotic agents or the combined effects of malaria, HlV/AIDS and armed robbery. He said, “Made in Nigeria drugs were officially unaccepted in other West African countries like Ghana, Sierra Leone, et cet era.”

Earth tremor causes panic in Oyo community

By Ola Ajayi & Ikenna Asomba Ibadan—RESIDENTS of Saki in Oke Ogun area of Oyo State are now living in palpable fear over what they described as earth tremor that started few weeks ago. Places where the deafening underground vibration are rampant are Medinat, Veterinary and Ogbooro areas of the town. Gov. Senator Abiola Ajimobi Gov. Senator Abiola Ajimobi According to Wikipedia, an earth tremor (also known as a earthquake or temblor) is the perceptible shaking of the surface of the earth, resulting from the sudden release of energy in the earth’s crust that creates seismic waves. Tremor can be violent enough to toss people around and destroy whole cities. Nigeria experienced tremor in 1933, 1939, 1964, 1984, 1990, 1994, 1997, 2000 and 2009. The National President, Building Collapse Prevention Guild, Mr Kunle Awobodu, an expert in the built environment, recently stated that Nigeria, particularly the South-West region was not immuned to tremor. According to him, geophysical and geological studies have discovered that a fault zone that connects with the Atlantic fracture system exists along Ifewara in Osun State and Zungeru in Niger State. Meanwhile, an eyewitness, Alhaji Dauda Tijani said the underground vibration, which shakes houses in the affected areas to their foundations was very disturbing. For fear of being caught unawares, residents of the areas have left the community in droves. He said: “The terrible vibration started about three months ago, but we thought it was a mere noise that would stop. Instead of stopping, it happens on regular basis. At times, the ground could vibrate five times a day and at times, it may not vibrate within three days. “People are very confused and have vacated the affected areas. My child was living there before, but he has been living with me for the past one and half months.” “When the ground vibrates, buildings in the areas would be shaking seriously and then stop”. Another eyewitness, Mr Adeola Fehintola, a lawyer, said the tremor was very unsettling. According to him, the Oyo State Government sent some people here, but they are not showing enough seriousness about the issue. “The Federal Government should please send experts here to see what the noise is. If it is something they can prevent or do something about, let them come quickly. We see this thing as something that needs urgent attention so that when it eventually happens, there will be no casualty. Residents have deserted the area as I’m speaking with you and many more are moving their things out, he said. When Vanguard called the Special Adviser on Environment to Governor Abiola Ajimobi, he directed enquiries to the Permanent Secretary on Environment, Oguntola Gabriel who said when something like that happens, it is a precursor to an earthquake. He said: “First of all, we have not been there. I was in Abuja and I just came back. When the ground vibrates like that, it’s a precursor to an earthquake. But, for now, I can’t validate that. This week, we will make sure we are there to see what is happening.”

See The Sacrifice Form RCCG Gave Members Asking For Houses, Cars, Lands & Money - Religion

According to the sacrifice form, N1m and above is a "divine sacrifice".

Full month salary is an abundant sacrifice, but if you give your half month salary, it is dominion sacrifice. N200,000 gets you greatness sacrifice, N50,000 - golden sacrifice and N20,000 is a sacrifice for those wishing for the next level.

Photo was revealed online 11 hours ago after The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Region 14 explained the benefits of sacrificial giving. See that below.

Fire At AAU, Ekpoma Nursing Department - Education

This Happened Last Night In AAU, Ekpoma.
Hostelites and residents of Ekpoma were woken up by the heat of an inferno which totally destroyed the Department of Nursing Science. As at this morning, the cause of the fire incident is still unknown.
Re: Fire At AAU, Ekpoma Nursing Department by Quelme: 8:05am
More pictures.

Buhari Departs Nigeria For London For Vacation (Photos)

Goodluck Jonathan Delivers A Speech At Bloomberg (Photos)

Goodluck jonathan recounts his pride in ensuring democratic handover of power in 7 African countries...

In His Words:

'My proudest moment was peaceful handover of power!!!

Since leaving office one year and one week ago, I have had the luxury of time to be able to reflect. I said before the last election that my political ambition was not worth the blood of one Nigerian. It is my sincerest wish that democracy continues to be consolidated in the continent of Africa. it has always been my consistent desire to help consolidate peace & cultivate democracy in Nigeria and across Africa. We will work for good governance by promoting credible and transparent elections, as well as peaceful power transfers.

The focus of my energies is to uphold democratic principles, promote peaceful transitions and support entrepreneurship: By providing an e-wallet to farmers which grew the percentage of registered farmers receiving subsidy from 11% to 94. This initiative improved food security, creating jobs and reducing inflation to its lowest levels in 5 years.

He also touched on his efforts on educating the populace and bringing government closer to the common man...

'I am proud of the fact that my Admin established a Fed Uni in the 12 States that did not previously have them. Money must go towards providing education for all, because we know that once citizens are educated, they have futures. Despite it not being the responsibility of the FG WE built hundreds of sec/pry schools across Nigeria.

And On Unity In Nigeria....

Equality promotes meritocracy, growth and security. Tribalism & regionalism should never be acceptable in Nigeria. We must go the next step and accept all Nigerians residing in any part of the country as equal citizens. Indigenes and residents must pay the same amount for school fees and social services all over the county. A Nigeria where you are judged on your merits and not your origins, A Nigeria where you can get the education you want and the future you choose. A Nigeria whose government serves the people and is not above the law. A place where we all work together, rather than allow ourselves to be divided by tribalism or prejudice, Nothing better sums up this vision for Nigeria than our national anthem, which sounds as good in prose as in song..
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Nigeria Students Live With Discrimination In India (photo) - Travel

Melting pot: These students from Nigeria have learnt to live with ‘discrimination’

Esso Nnachebe Yahshua Donny, 20, had grown up watching Bollywood movies in Nigeria. Fascinated by the beauty of India and its culture, Esso decided to do his graduation in Computer Science from Mumbai University (MU).
“Back then, India was as good as Europe for me,” remembers Esso.
When he finally reached India in 2013, he couldn’t find a hotel to stay in for at least three days. “The hotels turned me down. Some said they were not open to ‘kaliyas’,” says Esso, who had already learnt the meaning of the term from his seniors.
Esso started looking for apartments on rent and he met with the same response. “Houses were not on rent for ‘Negroes’,” he says.
When he finally went to the college for admissions, people would either stare or make faces at him.
After several attempts, Esso, like many of his Nigerian colleagues, found a one-room flat in Bandra. “The flat was so small, I couldn’t stand straight. I could either sit or sleep.” However, waking up early in the morning and queueing up in front of the public toilet was the most frustrating experience for Esso. “We know that the rents are high in Mumbai, but some of us who have money also find it difficult to rent a flat,” says Esso. Nwodo James, 23, also from Nigeria, had also been a fan of Bollywood movies and wanted to study in India. After a detailed research on the internet, James zeroed in on MU.
“While researching about India, I had thought I would be going to a beautiful country which cherished its beautiful culture and had a better environment,” says James.
However, James was shocked when he finally came to India. “It was nothing like the movies. There is so much discrimination. I couldn’t find a place to stay,” says James.
Esso’s friend, a fellow Nigerian who refused to identify himself, says, “On the first day of college, I was welcomed in the class with hoots of ‘kaliya’.”
These students came to India with expectations of studying at a place better than their own. “However, discrimination is quite prevalent,” says Atuili Chidimma Peper (21).
Peper came to Mumbai in 2013 to study Sociology. She has struggled to find accommodation, ever since.
According to Peper, the government and the police, too, are not too supportive towards students from African nations. “I am a student, not a criminal,” says Peper, adding that finding accommodation is the biggest struggle for them.
She was once asked by her landlady to vacate the apartment, without any prior notice. Her deposit money, too, was not returned. “When I approached the police, I didn’t receive any support,” she says.
Soon afterwards, her belongings were stolen and she approached the police again. “They refused to take note of the situation. When I was adamant, they filed a complaint,” she says. Finally, her belongings were recovered from the landlady.
21-year-old Lucy Adaobi is a third-year Computer Science student. Since coming to Mumbai in 2013, she has changed apartments at least six times. “I have lived in Bandra, Malad, Naigaon, Nalasopara and Virar,” she says, laughing. She has been asked to evict without notice very often, she adds.
Once Lucy’s landlady refused to return her deposit. An argument ensued and the landlady slapped her. “I was so helpless. I felt alone in a country so far away from home,” says Lucy.
The students said that MU should provide accommodation to all international students. MU has only one international hostel at Churchgate which can accommodate 124 students. The university is now constructing two more hostels for international students in its Kalina campus.
Some of these students spend their weekends at the Church, learning guitar or keyboards. Others do household errands on their days off. Since, there are no restaurants in the city that serve authentic African dishes, most of them cook their staple Swallow and soup on weekends. These five students can speak two languages – Igbo and Yowuba – between them. However, they have learnt phrases and sentences in Hindi to ‘make life easier’, says Esso.
Fawale Clement Olajide, 24, a third-year Economics student, says they live in constant fear that they might be attacked. “People in India usually generalise all Africans as criminals, which is not fair,” he says. He remembers how he escaped an attack when he asked for the balance from a shopkeeper.
The students say that if any African commits a crime, people here retaliate with vengeance towards all Africans. “We should enjoy certain rights as international students. The Indian government is responsible for our safety,” says Peper.
“When Indians see an African man with an Indian woman, they get very suspicious,” says the student who did not wish to be named. He remembers the time when a Nigerian friend of his was called a ‘rapist’ for walking with an Indian woman.
“It’s unfair to attack us (Africans) because one of us might be involved in a crime,” says Clement, referring to the recent attacks on Africans in New Delhi. The students are now waiting for their third-year results before they fly home.
“Our visa expires even before we get our certificates,” says Lucy. “The university should grant us extension till we get our certificates which are necessary for getting a job back home.”
The students have to go home and enroll in the mandatory one-year service National Youth Service Corps. Without the certificates, these students cannot enroll in the programme.
“The university says that our certificates will be sent to our address but I know many students who do not receive their degrees,” says Lucy.

Borno State Government Distributes Ramadan Items To Refugees In Maiduguri

Borno state deputy governor, Alhaji Usman Mamman Durkwa distributed Ramadan Kareem items to less privileged in Maiduguri earlier today .

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see how she stylishly showed us her new tattoss

Xiaomi Mi Drone Launch Set for May 25

Xiaomi Mi Drone Launch Set for May 25


  • Xiaomi has teased the launch of a drone next week.
  • The drone is set to be unveiled on May 25.
  • It is expected the drone may be able to shoot 4K videos.
Xiaomi is holding an event in China on May 25, where it is expected to enter the UAV market. The company has released two teasers, hinting that it is all set to reveal its first drone.
The event is expected to be live streamed, and the most recent teaser almost definitely points to a drone, showing a camera attached to a gimbal. Xiaomi earlier had put up a picture of a wooden-copter, a toy famous among kids, further attesting to the rumours. The company has also put up a post on the MIUI forum, hinting at a new flying product coming soon. The news about Xiaomi working on drones started pouring in when it patented a technology that is used to control drones with Mi Bands and gestures. A few days earlier, a Xiaomi drone app was also leaked revealing that the upcoming drone will have the ability to shoot 4K videos at 30fps.
xiaomi_ drone_teaser.jpgThe ability to shoot 4K videos tips a high-end drone, rather than a basic one that was earlier expected. However, this is just pure speculation and there haven't been any leaks giving us tech specifications about the drone. With this, Xiaomi enters into another consumer tech segment. The company already has its footprints in smart TVs, smart ACs, rice cookers, set-top boxes, Wi-Fi routers, air purifiers and now drones.
xiaomi_ drone_teaser1.jpgThis month, Xiaomi launched the Mi Max with a massive 6.44-inch display, and showcased the MIUI 8. It is now taking beta registrations, and the first developer ROM will be made available on June 17. The company even launched its first Android TV set top box - Mi Box-at Google I/O, which is currently underway.

Micromax Canvas Tab P701 4G Voice-Calling Tablet Launched at Rs. 7,250

Micromax Canvas Tab P701 4G Voice-Calling Tablet Launched at Rs. 7,250


  • The new Canvas Tab P701 features a 7-inch display.
  • It supports voice-calling and 4G LTE connectivity.
  • It runs Android 5.1 Lollipop out-of-the-box.
Micromax on Monday expanded its 4G tablet portfolio with the launch of the Canvas Tab P701. Priced at Rs. 7,250, the new Micromax Canvas Tab P701 tablet will be exclusively available via Flipkart. The domestic manufacturer in March had recently launched the Canvas Tab P702 featuring 4G connectivity priced at Rs. 7,999.
Similar to Canvas Tab P702, the dual-SIM supporting Micromax Canvas Tab P701 runs Android 5.1 Lollipop out-of-the-box and features a 7-inch (1024x600 pixels) IPS display. It is powered by a quad-core MediaTek processor, clocked at 1GHz, clubbed with 1GB of RAM.
The tablet packs 8GB of inbuilt storage, which can be expanded via a microSD card (up to 32GB). In the camera department, the Canvas Tab P701 sports a 5-megapixel autofocus rear camera with LED flash along with a 2-megapixel front-facing camera.
On the connectivity front, the Canvas Tab P701 supports 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Micro-USB connectivity. The Flipkart listing confirms that the tablet can support 4G on one SIM while another slot can support 3G at one time. The online listing also reveals that the tablet supports voice calling.
Available on Flipkart in Blue and Grey, the tablet packs a 3500mAh battery rated to deliver up to 15 hours of talk time and up to 4.5 hours of browsing time. Much like the Canvas Tab P701, the new Canvas Tab P702 also comes preloaded with 7 Kindle e-books worth Rs. 1,500 for free.
Commenting on the launch, Shubhajit Sen, Chief Marketing Officer, Micromax Informatics said, "At Micromax, we strive to design devices that address consumers' needs in a specific category. In the tablet segment, we realise that consumers today most frequently use their tablets for watching videos of all sorts. The Canvas Tab P701 offers a fantastic entertainment experience to users on the move giving them flexibility to easily access content anytime and anywhere, without being bound at their homes. Our range has been very well received by the consumers and as the industry leaders we continue to grow the category as also the use case for the large scale adoption of the tablet form factor and hence the larger display size".

Use This Cool Trick to Instantly Free Up Space on Your iPhone

Use This Cool Trick to Instantly Free Up Space on Your iPhone
Running low on space on your iPhone? Just rent a movie on iTunes and get a few gigabytes of space on the iPhone.
People who are using Apple's 16GB iPhone variants tend to run out of storage. On this device, a user gets approximately 11GB of user accessible storage as the rest of it is used by Apple's iOS operating system.
After installing a few apps and storing photos, music and videos, a user normally runs out of storage.
According to a thread on Reddit, there is one crazy trick you can try to reclaim some of the used-up space.
The trick involves renting a movie from iTunes. To see how the trick works, go to Settings > General > About and scroll down to Available.
Check how much storage is left and then head to the iTunes Store.
Search for a film which is bigger than the space left on your phone. For example if the available space is 4GB, choose a movie whose file size is greater than 4GB.
Then click Rent at the top of the page. The user will not be charged as the phone does not have enough space to download it and a message will appear saying You don't have enough available storage.
After clicking OK, head back to settings and check your available storage again. A significant increase in the available storage space should be visible.
You can repeat the entire process a few times.
"As of now, it's unclear on how the trick works, but it probably has got to do with some cache and other storage from apps getting cleaned up," the report said.

How to Buy: The Perfect Activity Tracker

How to Buy: The Perfect Activity Tracker


  • Most people can start with a basic, affordable activity tracker.
  • Automatic sleep tracking is a big plus, look out for that.
  • Unless you're an endurance athlete, you need not buy expensive gear.
Let's face it. It's not easy to zero in on an activity tracker, with options ranging from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 20,000. One of the most popular queries people often ask us is, is: "Which fitness band should I buy?" We're not big fans of the fitness bands available today but we've tried so many that we can help you pick one if you think it will be useful.
How much should I spend?
This is the easy part. Just ask yourself how active you are and you'll have your answer. If you are someone who's recently become health conscious, start with a basic activity and sleep tracker like the Xiaomi Mi Band. It costs you just Rs. 799 and it's a pretty good device for the price. However, if you're a fitness enthusiast who exercises regularly, you might need a fitness band with a heart rate monitor. You can skip the most expensive gadgets such as the Fitbit Blaze or Surge unless you're an endurance athlete.
(Also see: From 0 to 21, Running a Half Marathon With a Fitbit Surge)
Can you make do with your smartphone?
We'd suggest that you consider this question before wondering how much to spend. Heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking aside, your smartphone is good enough to manage almost everything your activity tracker promises. Counting steps, elevation, calories burned, distance covered (with GPS tracking of your route) are among the things a smartphone can easily manage with a fair degree of accuracy. If you're the kind of person who carries their smartphone everywhere, you don't need to buy an activity tracker. If your smartphone has serious battery issues or if you don't keep it with you while working out, read on.
What to look for when buying an activity tracker
First you need to consider whether you want a display. Having a display is of course a big plus because you can quickly check your activity data for the day. You will be syncing this data with your smartphone every day, so if you are happy to check it on your phone, you need not worry about having a display. However, most people would prefer to be able to take a quick glance at the screen and know how many steps they've taken. We suggest that you get an activity tracker with a display even if it costs a little more.
Once you've made that choice, you should check how comfortable this band is to wear. Most of these wearables will be spill proof, which means you can wear them while you're taking a shower. This means that you're practically going to be wearing this all day and while you're sleeping. That's why comfort is very important. Some bands have a metal clasp, which might irritate your skin, while others may be made of a material you're allergic to. Be sure to check this before buying.
That brings us to sensors. Most, if not all, activity trackers will have a step counter and a rudimentary sleep tracker. If you need sleep tracking, be sure to steer clear of activity trackers with a manual sleep tracker. No one will remember to turn it on every night before sleeping and to toggle it off after waking up. Automatic sleep tracking is a crucial feature missing in many of these products.
One feature most people don't need is a heart rate monitor. Often heart rate sensors are just a gimmicky addition to fitness bands. Unless you're serious about workouts and want to monitor if you are in the fat burn zone, you can do without a heart rate sensor. And if you are getting a tracker with this sensor, be sure to avoid "passive heart rate sensors" that do nothing but track resting heart rate. Even the good heart rate sensors don't work accurately if you're drenched in sweat, so you need to really ask yourself if you absolutely need this feature - most people should be able to do without it.
High end activity trackers will also have a GPS. While this erodes their battery life, the gains are invaluable if you're an endurance athlete. Tracking your route, complete with elevation data makes lower battery life a worthy trade off.
The final factor is battery life. The Xiaomi Mi Band will last well over a month on a single charge while most other fitness bands will run out of charge in around a week. However, some of these might not even last three days, especially if they have a heart rate monitor so be sure to avoid these products. You're going to be left with one more gadget to charge and you don't want to do this as often as you charge your smartphone.
This should be more than enough for most people looking to buy a new activity tracker. If you have any more questions, let us know via the comments.

Airbus Presents 3D-Printed Mini Aircraft

Dwarfed by huge jets all around, the mini-plane Thor was nonetheless an eye-catcher at the Berlin air show this week - the small Airbus marvel is the world's first 3D-printed aircraft.
Windowless, weighing in at just 21 kilos (46 pounds) and less than four metres (13 feet) long, the drone Thor - short for "Test of High-tech Objectives in Reality" - resembles a large, white model airplane.
Yet to the European aerospace giant Airbus, the small pilotless propeller aircraft is a pioneer that offers a taste of things to come - an aviation future when 3D printing technology promises to save time, fuel and money.
"This is a test of what's possible with 3D printing technology," said Detlev Konigorski, who was in charge of developing Thor for Airbus, speaking at the International Aerospace Exhibition and Air Show at Berlin's southern Schoenefeld airport.
"We want to see if we can speed up the development process by using 3D printing not just for individual parts but for an entire system."
In Thor, the only parts that are not printed from a substance called polyamide are the electrical elements.
The little plane "flies beautifully, it is very stable," said its chief engineer Gunnar Haase, who conducted Thor's inaugural flight last November near the northern German city of Hamburg.
Lighter, faster, cheaperAirbus and its US rival Boeing are already using 3D printing, notably to make parts for their huge passenger jets the A350 and B787 Dreamliner.
"The printed pieces have the advantage of requiring no tools and that they can be made very quickly," said Jens Henzler of Bavaria-based Hofmann Innovation Group, which specialises in the new technology.
The metal parts produced can also be 30-50 percent lighter than in the past, and there is almost zero manufacturing waste, added Henzler, who is managing director for Hofmann industrial prototyping.
The sky is not the limit for the technology - engineers also plan to use it in space.
The future Ariane 6 rocket of European space agency ESA, set to blast off from 2020, is set to feature many printed pieces.
"It brings big cost reductions on parts manufacturing," said Alain Charmeau, head of Airbus Safran Launchers.
Partially as a result of this, the Ariane 6 may have half the price tag of its predecessor Ariane 5.
'Radical innovations'The new 3D printers can make pieces up to 40 centimetres (15 inches) long and is of most use in particularly complex designs.
Charmeau said Airbus is testing how to print an injection assembly for an engine that is now assembled from 270 individual pieces.
"With 3D printing, it has just three parts," he told AFP.
Aside from the costs savings, 3D printing also promises ecological benefits as lighter jets use less fuel and spew out fewer pollutants.
To reducing carbon emissions in aviation - with air traffic expected to double in the next 20 years - "the decisive issue is radical technical innovation in a relatively short time," said Ralf Fuecks, head of the Heinrich Boell foundation think tank of the German Green Party.
3D printing is certain to play a major role in this, he said at a conference at the ILA event with Airbus president Tom Enders.
The air travel industry is already convinced of the benefits, according to a survey of some 102 aviation sector players by German high-tech federation Bitkom.
Some 70 percent of respondents believed that by 2030 aircraft spare parts will be printed directly at airports, and 51 percent expect that entire planes will by then be manufactured by 3D printing.

LG G Pad III 8.0 Tablet With 4G LTE Support Now Available Online

LG G Pad III 8.0 Tablet With 4G LTE Support Now Available Online


  • The tablet houses a 4800mAh battery.
  • The LG G Pad III 8.0 runs on an octa-core CPU.
  • It sports a 5-megapixel front camera.
LG appears set to launch a new tablet in its G Pad lineup, the LG G Pad III 8.0. The tablet is currently available only in Canada for now, via the Rogers and Fido websites. LG has not yet made an official announcement about the tablet.
The price of the LG G Pad III 8.0 is CAD 240 (roughly Rs. 12 400). It is essentially the upgraded version of the LG G Pad II 8.0 launched in 2015. Specifications wise, the LG G Pad III runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop with LG UX UI on top. It features an 8-inch (1920x1200 pixels) TFT display with 283ppi pixel density, and the company claims that the display comes with Zero Gap tech that reduces screen reflection. It is powered by an 1.5GHz octa-core CPU paired with 2GB of RAM.
The LG G Pad III 8.0 sports 5-megapixel cameras on the front and back, both capable of 1080p video recording. The tablet offers 16GB of inbuilt storage, with microSD slot support for expansion. It packs a 4800mAh battery, that the company can last up to 20 days of standby time. Connectivity options include LTE support, 2G/3G HSPA+, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS/A-GPS, Wi-Fi, full-sized traditional USB port, and a Micro-USB 2.0 port.
The tablet's dimensions at 210.7x124.1x7.9mm, and it weighs in at 309 grams. LG offers the variant only in Black, and has not revealed any details on availabilty in other markets.
In the meanwhile, the LG G5 is up for pre-booking on Flipkart for Rs. 52,990, and is set for launch on June 1 in India. The pre-bookings end on Monday, and those who pre-book, get the LG Cam Plus module bundled for free with the LG G5.