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Monday 30 May 2016

Man Beaten By Police In Adamawa In Coma (Photos)

According to this trending report, a young man identified as Kabiru Ahmed was allegedly brutalized by policemen of Doubeli police station in Jimeta, Adamwa state. The victim who has reportedly been in coma for 2 weeks now -is currently hospitalized at the Federal Medical Center in Yola...

Read below what a Facebook User (Mustapha Atiku Ribadu) shared;

A couple of years I wrote here on how police brutalised our friend named Mallum from Song LG, Mallum died as a result of the manhandling by the police at Galbose hospital here in Jimeta. From the time he was brutalised he had not said a word to anyone till he gave up. May Allah forgive Mallum.

All guys from Song knows him he lived at the house of late Abdulsalam Song, at that time we tried our best to bring the culprits to book I even went to Jos and met Barr Solomon Dalung the present minister of youths, he assisted a big deal, he even came to Yola, though eventually the guardian of late Mallum asked us to abandon the case, we really appreciate the effort of Dalung and some spirited individuals, we also need the assistance of people who hates brutality including the Hon minister too to bring the recent perpetrators of brutality to book.

The recent brutality was perpetrated by policemen from Doubeli police station here in Jimeta. The event happened on the 16th of this month(May).A guy named Kabiru Ahmed a graduate of crime management from state polytechnic Yola was brutalised that day around 10am, from that day up to now the guy is unconscious. According to eyewitness report the guy was sitting with some other young men in front of their house at Zaranda street here in Jimeta, just of a sudden police appeared in mufti and rounded them, Kabiru inquire to know their identity which didn't go down well with the officers .

From there they picked him and rough handled him to the point of unconsciousness, they then used his phone to trace his family at about 1am , failing to get any they took him to specialist hospital unconscious, while at the specialist hospital NLC went on strike, the police the hospital referred him to federal medical centre,Yola (FMC), the police then moved him there still unconscious. As iam writing this the guy is still unconscious at the accident and emergency centre of the hospital.

It's touching as I went to FMC today around 5pm seeing him in that condition, he is been fed through his nose using some small rubber pipes, what a pity.For those of us living in Yola pls visit the guy at FMC and see the result of wickedness from people who are supposed to protect us.I urged all well meaning individuals to come and join hands with us to the culprits to book through legal means, and let us not take the law into our hands but let's not relent until justice is done .

Kabiru is unconscious for two weeks, Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun.

We shouldn't see this case as a case of just Kabiru and his family, tomorrow it maybe you or your brother.Where injustice become the order of the day silence is a CRIME!!!

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Re: Man Beaten By Police In Adamawa In Coma (Photos) by dainformant(m): 9:30am
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