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Thursday 28 April 2016

10 Reasons Why You Should Attend A Private School In Nigeria

Few years ago, I was not a Fan of Private institution but fast forward to this Era, I think I will choose Private Institution over and over again for myself and for my unborn children.
Years back, Government institutions use to be the best but are no longer making any sense.. Today na strike, Tommorow na fight, Next tomorrow na Protest.. I lie? – We don’t lie here on Naijaloaded
 – Makinde say so!
Here are some reasons to attend a private university
1. A definite graduation date:
Unlike public institutions which are prone to strikes, in a private university there’s no possibility of a strike. Atleast 6 government universities have currently been shut down in Nigeria right now. University of Ibadan, UNILAG, UNIPORT, AAU, KSU etc are currently shut down.
This will lengthen the duration of time you are to spend on a program. Crime rate by students of these institutions have increased because they are now idle. Some of my friend in Fountain University, Osogbo in 2014 countdown from 112 to their Graduation day.. Guess what? They graduated on the exact day they had previously calculated, Try that in a public school, You will add another 300 days to make it work.
2. It’s safer:
No cult clashes, no protests. You won’t live in fear of some cult members or students vandalizing properties in the name of protests. One of the biggest undoings of public universities is Cultism… Which has claimed the lives of thousands of innocent people and cult members respectively. However, students in private universities are safe from the fear of a cult attack.
Protests are also very violent these days. Just the way it happened in UNILAG and UNIPORT where lots of properties were destroyed and some lives were in fact lost, in a private school there’s no chance for that.
3. A faster syllabus:
It takes just about 4 years to complete a 5 year program in private schools. However public schools have a slower academic calendar. Even without the strikes, the calendar of a private school is usually faster than that of a public school.
4. A more concentrated learning process:
In private schools, special attention is given to every student of the school. The lecturers all have a duty to pay special attention to each and everyone of the student and put them through their lacks. This way your flaw is easily detected and will be dealt with appropriately. However in public schools especially with the size and population, it is impossible for this to happen. The school have almost no personal relationship with the students and they are not aware of any personal psychological needs of the students.
5. Better welfare:
The individual welfare of the students are catered for. The accommodation is way better than you get in hostels of public schools. Most times they have no light or water problems. The condition of their hostels and classes is way better too. Even in general courses you won’t see them running to catch sits because everyone gets to sit down comfortable. With the welfare learning is made a lot easier because you will be less strained.
6. Better Moral Training:
The university is the melting point of all moral standards. There’s no form of anti-moral behaviour you wouldn’t find in a university. However, private universities, with their very strict enforcement of moral values, have reduced the decay in moral values by far.
7. Superior real world experience and laboratory:
Most private universities are not just well equiped but super equiped. Covenant university, Babcock university and Afe babalola uniniversity combined easily dwarfs all public federal and state universities combined in laboratory equipment standard and volume or availability per student. I am pretty sure it will remain same if all state schools are added to public schools while other private universities are added to the mentioned schools.
8. Organized system:
In private systems. You get your transcripts easily. In public univerisites the reverse is the case 40% of the time. Same pattern holds for Jamb regularization, NYSC call-up and result checking.
9. No Lecturers Threat:
You hardly see or hear about Lecturers harassing ladies in Private institutions or hear about Lecturer threatening to Fail you or not allow you Graduate. Come down to Public institutions, A Lecturer can make you fail for using Blackberry Q10 while he’s using Blackberry bold 5.
A Lecturer told my friend he won’t graduate just because he drives Honda EOD, said he’s using the same car with the HOD.. Can you imagine?
10. Add Yours
Tell us anything odd that you think happens in Public institutions but will never happen in a Private institutions.
We want to hear from you too.
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