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Friday 29 April 2016

Suleiman Bello Murdered By A Motorcyclist In Kubwa, Abuja (photos)

Suleiman Bello Murdered By A Motorcyclist In Kubwa, Abuja (photos) by dumebiifeanyi: 10:08am
A staff of the Nigerian national assembly, Mr Suleiman Bello was repeatedly stabbed by an unknown motorcyclist in Abuja on Thursday. Bello who was driving a Toyota Camry got into a heated argument with a motrcyclist also know as Okada at Bhyanzin Junction.

An eyewitness said that Bello who in the heat of the argument with one Okada man, was trying to dodge another motorcyclist who was on a wrong lane, but in the process, he rammed his vehicle into a pick up van packed by the roadside.

The unconscious Bello was still in the vehicle gasping for air and trying to recover, when the unidentified Okada man walked up to Bello's car, brought out a dagger and started stabbing him. The other Okada man also joined by dragging bello out of the car, brought out his own dagger and both motorcyclists stabbed bello till he was motionless.

The okadamen took to their heels when they noticed passerbys were making efforts to call the police.


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