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Thursday 28 April 2016

Why Having Male Besties Will Affect Your Relationship Negatively by Wahalaboy

Why Having Male Besties Will Affect Your Relationship Negatively by Wahalaboy(m): 7:08amWhy Most girls today have a male best friend they call "bestie". And these besties serve as the chief custodians of the girl's emotional garbage. Because of how generally open minded, straightforward, interesting and mature guys are, girls have grown to prefer having them closer to their hearts as friends instead of having regular female best friends.

However, because of some factors I'm going to highlight now, having a male bestie while at the same time having a boyfriend is toxic to your relationship.

1. Girls find it easier to be "just friends" with guys than vice-versa. In 7/10 of cases, the male bestie usually has hidden feelings for the female bestie. When a guy has feelings for a girl and she got problems with her relationship and she asks that guy for some advice, man, out of jealousy, he is most likely to give the girl an advice toxic to the girl's relationship like- "forget it, he's not meant for you" :v

2. There are lots of Emotions transferred through problem sharing:

See, when you find yourself really comfortable sharing your problems with someone, it heightens the emotional connection between the both of you. When you share your personal problems with a guy it increases the intimacy between you two. So when you have a boyfriend but you feel more comfortable talking to another guy about your problems and he's giving a listening ear, you both start developing some kind of intimacy you wouldn't believe. And if care isn't taken, that intimacy might develop into feelings.

3. A shoulder to cry on is a dick to ride on:

This is self explanatory. A girl is most vulnerable when she's all emotional crying to meet a male buddy of hers telling him about her heartache. Bae, if the guy wants to take advantage of you at that moment, even Karashika can't help you. When a girl is hurt she's most likely to cry to a close male friend of hers especially when the boyfriend caused the hurt. At that point she is weak as poo and she needs succor. In many cases I've seen, the guy let's her cry on his shoulder and the lips just gets locked and....

4. In most cases, the bestie is the funnier one-

Girls are automatically more attracted to a guy when he's funny. And believe me, girls prefer to spend more time with a funny person than a boring boyfriend. So in most cases the girl spends time texting or talking with her funny-as-poo bestie rather than her always uptight super-busy boyfriend. Aside the intimacy that grows from talking to constantly with a particular person, funny guys will make a girl laugh so much the girl don't even realize when she pulls her panties.

5. It creates an unnecessary competition between your boyfriend and your bestie:

It gets to a point when your bestie becomes jealous of your boyfriend and your boyfriend becomes insecure about your bestie. Infact at one point both parties would accuse you of choosing the other one over him.

6. It's easier to cheat with your male bestie than with anyone else:

You both get playing and one thing leads to the other and you both kiss. Nothing attached... "just kiss". Doesn't seem harmless though but then you realize that no matter how casual the kiss was, you cheated already. And when you do this habitually it develops from a harmless kiss into something deeper and before you know it, you become something like "friends with benefits".

7. You are most likely to develop feelings for your bestie because you only see the good side of him.

He's like everything your boyfriend isn't. He has time to listen to your problems, he generally pays more attention to you, he's usually funnier. So you might get carried away by his charms because you only see that good part of him he shows you. When you fall for him and maybe you had to end your relationship because of him, you realize that he wasn't much better than your boyfriend.


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